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The Book of Hebrews

Lesson 1:
An overview of the book of Hebrews including the details about the writing of the book, the literary genre, the authorship, and the major themes found in the book.

Lesson 2:
The lesson will be chapter one of Hebrews.  It will center around the topic of “Christ is superior to the angels”.  It will first look at the nature of Christ, and then look at the Old Testament quotations to determine how he compares to angels.

Lesson 3:
Lesson three will begin by looking at the exhortation to pay attention and not drift away.  It continues by describing some important features of Jesus that should be paid attention to including the way he was human, the way he is a pioneer, and the way he is a brother.

Lesson 4:
This will be a discussion on the hardening of the heart for a Christian.  The lesson will show that rebellion leads to a hardened heart, fixing our eyes on Jesus is the way to avoid it, and that the Rest planned for God’s people is obtained by obedience to the Word.

Lesson 5:
Lesson Five will follow the text as it establishes the qualifications for a high priest in the Old Testament and then show how Christ has met these qualifications and more.  This naturally flows into the development of Jesus as the source of salvation and the means of approach to God for Christians.

Lesson 6:
The scope of Lesson Six – Maturing in the understanding of God’s word.  Apparently the emphasis on maturity had been lacking, and needed to be encouraged.  Once this maturity is obtained, then the argument about Melchizedek can be more fully understood.

Lesson 7:
This lesson will be an investigation of Melchizedek found in Hebrews chapter seven.  It will begin by understanding who Melchizedek was and why he was important, then move on to show how Jesus is a priest of the Melchizedek type as opposed to the Aaron type.  Finally, the lesson will show how Jesus is a high priest who “Meets Our Need!”

Lesson 8:
Lesson Eight will center on Hebrews chapter eight.  The lesson will establish that a new priest plus a new sanctuary implies a new covenant.  Furthermore, a quotation from Jeremiah will be used to show how this covenant differs from the old one.

Lesson 9:
The central theme is the perfect and powerful nature of the sacrifice Christ made.  The lesson develops the idea of Christ’s sacrifice as being once-for-all.  Because of this sacrifice, the heavenly sanctuary where Christ serves is superior to the earthly sanctuary of the Levites.  In addition, Christ is the mediator between man and God, and he has brought the good things because of his once-for-all sacrifice.

Lesson 10:
This lesson takes all of the doctrinal information provided in previous chapters and applies a practical meaning; sin should be avoided and Christians should persevere through their struggles.  After all, they have a high priest who provides them with the confidence to enter into God’s presence.  This high-level overview of the chapter will emphasize that people long ago were commended for their faith, and they provide excellent examples for God’s people to be faithful today.

Lesson 11:
Lesson eleven encompasses chapters twelve and thirteen of Hebrews.  The chapters contain a list of practical exhortations that naturally flow from the lessons taught in the previous eleven chapters.  The chapters also serve to put the whole book together into a meaningful perspective.  This lesson will follow the text leading to the most important exhortation of glorifying Christ.